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Why Metals?

3800+ Firms

Employs 115,000+

$18B+ in Revenue

With the highest economic multiplier of any economic activity, manufacturing provides significant benefits to the regional economy in terms of wages, jobs, and output. From developing new products and technologies to exporting consumer goods around the world, manufacturing supports a substantial portion of the workforce while bringing new dollars into the economy. Over 3,800 firms in the region employ more than 115,000 individuals -- approximately 1 out of 6 jobs -- and generate more than $18 billion in revenues.

CMMC focuses on three metal sectors: 


Steel Product Manufacturing

This includes steel mills, foundries and forging as well as metal processing. Examples of regional employers: Chicago Tube and Iron, Arcelor Mittal, and Corey Steel Company



This is the region's largest sector. It includes production of transportation, construction and electrical equipment, power tools, appliances as well as other commercial, industrial, agricultural and construction machines. Examples of regional employers: Caterpillar, UOP, Komatsu, and Illinois Tool Works

Fabricated Metals

These industries transform metal into intermediate or end products for a variety of uses like architectural and structural metal, hand tools, hardware, cutlery, fasteners, containers and spring and wire manufacturing. Examples of regional employers: Chicago Metallic, Klein Tools, and Wilton Brands

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